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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
(3) Remove weight assist plunger, shims, and spring from governor assembly.
(4) Using ST-709 puller, remove governor assembly from governor bushing in front cover assembly.
Take care not to lose weight assist spring and shims during removal of weight
assist plunger. Keep plunger, shims, and spring together.
(5) Remove capscrew and flat washer from fuel pump drive coupling.
(6) Using ST-709 puller, remove drive coupling from drive shaft.
(7) Remove tachometer drive gear and coupling key.
(8) Remove retaining ring from rear or front cover assembly.
(9) Press out fuel pump drive shaft, bearing, governor drive gear and gear pump drive coupling as an assembly
from front cover assembly.
(10) Press out two shaft seals from front cover assembly. Discard seals.
(11) Press gear pump drive coupling and governor drive gear from fuel pump drive shaft. Leave bearing on
shaft at this time.
(12) Unscrew tachometer drive housing from front cover assembly.
(13) Using brass punch, remove tachometer drive shaft, seal, spacer, bushing, and driven gear from front cover
(14) Remove tachometer driven gear and bushing from tachometer drive shaft.


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