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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Install fuel pump front cover assembly and governor.
Place new mount gasket on dowel pins of fuel pump main housing.
Position governor assembly weight carrier horizontally and hold weights in.
Mate fuel pump main housing to front cover assembly while checking that governor weights are
properly engaged with tang on governor plunger.
Do not use washer with hex head capscrew which retains plastic bushing seal.
Secure front cover assembly to fuel pump main housing with new plastic bushing seal and its hex
head capscrew, one 12-point head screw, and its lockwasher and flat washer, and remaining
captive washer screws.
Torque all screws to 9 - 11 ft lbs (12 - 15 Nm).
Remove fuel pump front cover assembly and fuel pump from ball joint vise mounting plate.
Perform fuel pump testing and calibration (para. 3-84).


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