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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Inspect throttle shaft sleeve in housing (38) for damage. Discard housing if throttle shaft sleeve is
Check fuel pump name plate (23) for damage. Replace if damaged as follows:
Remove drive screws (24) and remove name plate (23).
Install new name plate and secure with drive screws.
Transfer information from damaged name plate to new name plate.
Discard damaged name plate.
Inspect throttle shaft (49) for wear, scoring, and other damage. Replace if defective with same
color code shaft.
Check dowels (40) for damage. Replace if damaged.
Check fuel filter screen (25) for mesh damage or imbedded metal particles. Replace if defective.
Inspect AFC plunger (13) and AFC barrel (20) for wear, scoring, burrs, and other damage.
Replace defective part(s).
Inspect all other parts for cracks, breaks, and other damage. Discard damaged parts.
Do not remove AFC plug balls (44).
Check AFC plug balls (44) for damage. If balls damaged, discard housing (38).


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