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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Incorrect spring may be installed or spring may be improperly seated or shimmed.
Install correct spring, part number 138781, and shims as needed. Torque spring
shims are available in 0.005, 0.010, and 0.020 in.  (0.127, 0.254, and 0.508 mm)
If new torque spring or shims are installed, pump must be
(f) Remove governor plunger and check torque spring and shims. Replace as necessary.
(g) Reinstall front cover (para 3-82).
(h) Reaccomplish check point 1 until proper pressure reading is attained.
(2) Check Point 2.
Be sure throttle lever is in full throttle position.
(a) Set pump speed at 1000 rpm.
(b) Adjust flow control valve until 280 pph flow is indicated on flowmeter.
(c) Check fuel pressure gage for indication of 63 - 71 psi (434.7 - 489.9 kPa).
(d) If pressure above or below desired range, stop test stand.
(e) Separate front cover from fuel pump main housing (para 3-77).


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