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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
a. Remove adjustment screw (12) from idler shaft (24) and water pump housing (18).
b. Remove nut (16) and washer (17) securing idler shaft (24) to water pump housing (18) and remove idler pulley
c. Using tool no. 3375257 hydraulic puller, remove pulley (1) and impeller (14) from water pump shaft (9).
d. Remove front grease seal (3) from front of water pump housing (18). Discard seal.
e. Remove large retaining ring (4) securing bearings (5 and 8) and water pump shaft (9) to water pump housing (18).
f. Support water pump housing (18) at pulley end and press bearings (5 and 8) and shaft (9) out from water pump
housing (18) by applying pressure to impeller end of shaft.
g. Remove rear grease seal (10), cup seat (15), and face seal (13).
h. Using ST-11 14 bearing separator, press water pump shaft (9) from outer bearing (5) and spacer (6).
i. Remove small retaining ring (7) securing inner bearing (8) and press water pump shaft (9) from bearing.
a. Clamp spacer (21) in vise and tap shaft and pulley assembly out of spacer.
b. Remove grease seal (19) from pulley (25). Discard seal.
c. Remove retaining ring (20).
d. Remove O-ring (22) from groove in shaft (24) and discard O-ring.
e. Remove plug (26) from pulley (25).
f. Insert flat-end punch through hole in pulley and tap bearing (23) and idler shaft (24) from pulley.
g. Press idler shaft (24) from bearing (23).
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