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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
(10) With babbitted or grooved sides of upper thrust rings next to crankshaft flange, slide rings into position.
Upper rings are not dowel pinned to block.
Lower main bearing halves are plain with no grooves or oil holes.
(11) Coat lower main bearing halves and crankshaft journal with engine oil.
(12) Aline bearing halves with ring dowel and snap in opposite side.
(13) Check threads in cylinder block bearing webs for foreign matter and excess oil.
Excess oil must be
removed to prevent hydraulic lock.
(14) Install lower thrust rings over dowels of no. 7 main bearing cap.
(15) Install main bearing caps with numbers corresponding to those stamped on camshaft side of block. Use
rubber mallet to seat caps.
(16) Install lockplates and bearing cap capscrews.


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