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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
(19) With pry bar, carefully pry crankshaft towards front of engine.
(20) Remove pry bar.
(21) Set dial indicator at 0.
(22) Pry crankshaft toward rear of engine.
(23) Observe indicator reading. Total reading should be 0.07 0.0017 in. (0.177 0.431 mm) with new crankshaft
and thrust rings.
(24) If reading is less than 0.007 in. (0.177 mm):
(a) Loosen all bearing cap capscrews slightly
(b) Shift crankshaft first toward front then toward rear of engine
(c) Retorque capscrews as described in step (17) above.
(d) Recheck crankshaft end play clearance.
(25) If reading more than 0.022 in. (0.558 mm), crankshaft must be reworked or oversize thrust rings must be
(26) Bend lockplate tabs over capscrews and bearing caps.
e. Install connecting rods and pistons.


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