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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Apply light finger pressure on rocker lever contact surface to hold crosshead in contact with valve
stem nearest the push tube.
If crossheads and guides are new, advance adjusting screw 1/3 of one hex to
straighten stem on guide. If crossheads and guides are worn, it may be necessary
to advance screw as much as 1/2 of one hex to straighten stem.
Turn adjusting screw down until it contacts mating valve stem. Advance screw depending on
whether components are worn or new as noted above.
Using ST-669 torque wrench adapter, hold adjusting screw in position and torque locknut to 22 -
26 ft lbs (30 - 35 Nm).
If ST-669 is not available, hold screw with screwdriver and torque locknut to 25 - 30 ft lbs (34 - 41
Check clearance between crosshead and valve spring retainer with wire gage. Must be minimum
of 0.025 in. (0.64 mm) clearance.


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