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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Install flywheel housing.
Rotate engine right side up.
Clean mating surfaces of cylinder block and flywheel housing.
If same flywheel housing is installed that was removed, and same block is used, no
special checks are required upon installation of housing. If new flywheel housing
is installed, new block is used, or dowel alinement pins are worn, sheared, or loose
requiring installation of oversized dowels, housing to crankshaft concentricity
must be checked. After concentricity is established, housing alinement pin holes
and cylinder block alinement pin bores may have to be reamed to a larger size to
accept oversize alinement pins.
Remove alinement pin dowel (if defective) from cylinder block with ST-1134 dowel pin extractor.
Carefully tap new standard size, 0. 4995 in. (12.6873 mm), dowel into block bore. Take care not
to flatten or bend pin.
Remove and discard new pin if loose. Bore will have to be reamed (after housing installed) to
accept next oversize, 0.5615 in. (14.2621 mm), pin.
Install old flywheel housing on old block.
Position housing over block alinement pins.
Secure housing with nine flat washers and capscrews.
Progressively torque capscrews, alternating from side to side and top.
Apply torque in increme nts of 50 ft lbs (68 N m) until final torque of 150 ft lbs (203 N m)
is reached.
Wipe interior of housing clean.
Install old flywheel housing on new block or new flywheel housing on old block.
Place flywheel housing on block alinement pins.
Install capscrews and washers. Tighten but do not torque capscrews.


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