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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Reinstall aftercooler (TM 9-2320-281-34) and turbocharger (TM 9-2320-281-20) and exhaust
manifold (para 3-6).
Leave turbocharger air cross-over connection disconnected from
turbocharger air discharge port.
Atomize spray one ounce of MIL-L-46002, Grade 1 or MIL-L-23310, Grade 1 oil into air crossover
connection towards the aftercooler and one ounce of same oil into turbocharger air inlet.
Secure air crossover connection to turbocharger with T-bolt clamp. Tap outer circumference of
clamp with soft-headmallet while tightening clamp.
Spray all inner surfaces of engine brake housings and engine rocker lever housings, rocker
levers, valve stems, valve springs, valve guides, push rods, and inside surface of each rocker
arm cover with MIL-L-21260, Type 1, Grade 10 preservative oil.
Check rocker arm covers gaskets for breaks, deterioration, or damage. Replace if defective (TM
Reinstall rocker arm covers (TM 9-2320-281-20).
Release tension on water pump and idler assembly drive belt (TM 9-2320-281-20).
Release tension on alternator drive belts (if alternator installed) (TM 9-2320-281-20).
Release tension on fan clutch actuator drive belts (if fan clutch actuator installed) (TM
Coat unpainted pulley grooved surfaces with MIL-P-46093 primer.
Securely attach a warning tag in a conspicuous place.
Mark tag to read, "BELT TENSION
Atomize spray all surfaces inside of engine flywheel housing with thin film of MIL-C-16173, Grade
Seal off engine flywheel housing with PPP-T-60, Cass 1 tape.
Seal off turbocharger inlet and outlet ports, water transfer tube inlet port, thermostat housing
outlet port, starter mount pad (if starter removed), breather tube outlet, and oil filler and dipstick
tube mount ports (if cover not installed), with MIL-B-131, AP-104-11 barrier paper and/or PPP-T-
60, Class 1 tape.
Cap or plug all open lines and fittings.


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