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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Secure skid left and right side mounts to engine oil pan-to-cylinder block mount flange.
Place wooden skid under hoist assembly.
Lay one layer of 1 in. (25.4 mm) thick cushioning material on top surface of wooden skid.
Cut a piece of MIL-B-1 31, AP-104-00 barrier paper large enough to act as a bag, completely
covering the entire engine.
Lay another layer of the i in. (25.4 mm) cushioning material (same size as the first) over barrier
paper on skid.
Lay another layer of the 1 in. (25.4 mm) cushioning material ( same size as the first) over barrier
paper on skid.
Lift engine and steel skid with engine lifting fixture and lower engine into wooden skid. Steel skid
will be held captive by wooden skid and weight of engine; therefore, no bolts are required to
attach skids together.
Remove engine lifting fixture.
Carefully pull barrier paper over engine forming a bag.
While holding bag together, cut a 6 in. (152.4 mm) by 4 in. (101.6 mm) window in right side of
Tape a humidity indicator in position over window with PPP-T-60, class 1 tape.
Place 16 bags of 240 units desiccant in bag.
Seal off bag with PPP-T-60, Class 1 tape leaving a small opening for air evacuation.
Using a medium duty industrial vacuum cleaner, insert vacuum cleaner hose into opening in bag.
Turn on cleaner and evacuate air from bag.


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