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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-32. FUEL INJECTION PUMP REPAIR (Cont’d) 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. NOTE Machining marks between cam lobes should not be considered damage. Inspect cam lobes (16) on cam ring (15) for spalling or flaking out. Replace cam lobes  (16)  are  spalled  or  flaked. ring (15) if cam Inspect all transfer pump blades (17) and transfer pump liner (18) for scoring or damage. Replace all transfer pump blades (17) and transfer pump liner (18) if any are scored or damaged. Using  a  micrometer,  measure  transfer  pump  blades  (17)  at  point  “A”  to  determine  wear.  If  any transfer blade (17) is smaller than 0.538 in. (13.67 mm), replace all transfer pump blades (17) and  transfer  pump  liner  (18). Inspect governor weights (21) for excessive wear at heel (19) and toe (20) Replace governor weights (21) if excessively worn. Inspect delivery valve reaction cuff (22) for chipping or erosion. Replace delivery valve (23) if reaction  cuff  (22)  is  chipped  or  eroded. Inspect  vent  wire  (25)  in  vent  wire  screw  (24)  for  freedom  of  movement.  If  vent  wire  (25)  is  stuck, replace  vent  wire  screw  (24). 2-105


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