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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-140.12 Change 1 2-35.3.   (6.2L or 6.5L)  FUEL INJECTION PUMPS (DB2829-4523, DB2829-4879, or DB2831-5149) CALIBRATION USING FUEL INJECTION PUMP TEST STAND (FTIS) MODEL A8022 This task covers: a. Mounting Fuel Injection Pump c. Removal of Fuel Injection Pump on Test Stand from Test Stand b. Test Stand Setup Procedures INITIAL SETUP: Tools General mechanic’s tool kit: automotive (Appendix E, Item 1) Special Tools Adapter Kit 74-8033 consisting of: Adapter plate (Appendix E, Item 57) Advance indicator (Appendix E, Item 58) Alignment gauge (Appendix E, Item 59) Barring tool (Appendix E, Item 60) Connector (Appendix E, Item 61) High-pressure lines (Appendix E, Item 62) Hose assembly (Appendix E, Item 63) Hose assembly (Appendix E, Item 64) Male pipe fitting (Appendix E, Item 65) Quick-connect plug (Appendix E, Item 66) Test adapter (Appendix E, Item 67) Test lead, black (Appendix E, Item 68) Test lead, red (Appendix E, Item 69) Throttle arm positioner assembly (Appendix E, Item 70) Tubing (Appendix E, Item 71) Test Equipment Test stand, model A8022 Materials/Parts Three 5/16-18x1 hex-head capscrews (Appendix D, Item 55) Three 3/8-16x1 hex-head capscrews (Appendix D, Item 56) Calibration fluid (Appendix B, Item 4) Manual References TM 9-2815-237-34P Instruction manual 74-9225 NOTE The following calibration procedures apply to fuel injection pumps DB 2829-4523, DB 2829-4879, or DB 2831-5149 only. a. Mounting Fuel Injection Pump on Test Stand NOTE Prior to installing fuel injection pump to drive coupling, ensure alignment gauge is installed. 1. Insert alignment gauge into test stand drive coupling. 2. Install fuel injection pump (1) on adapter plate (6) and secure with three 5/16-in. washers (3) and 5/16-18x1 hex-head capscrews (2). 3. Position fuel injection pump (1), with flange mounting bracket (5) installed, to test stand drive coupling. 4. Using barring tool, rotate driveshaft (12) until tapped holes on pump-mounted drive hub (7) are aligned with slots in test stand drive coupling. 5. Install three 3/8-in. washers (8), 3/8-in. lockwashers (9), and 3/8-16x1 hex-head capscrews (10) in slots and mounting holes on test stand drive coupling and pump-mounted drive hub (7). Remove barring tool. 6. Tighten two 3/8-16x1 hex-head capscrews (4) that secure flange mounting bracket (5) to bedplate (11). Remove alignment gauge.


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