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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-37.  FUEL  INJECTION  NOZZLE  REPAIR  (Cont’d) 3. Leakage test. (a)  Open  shutoff  valve  to  pressure  gauge  one  additional  turn. WARNING Compressed  air  used  for  cleaning  purposes  will  not  exceed  30  psi (207 kPa). Use only with effective chip guarding and personal protective   equipment   (goggles/shield,   gloves,   etc.). (b) Blow-dry end of nozzle (2). NOTE A pressure of 1,400 psi (9,653 kPa) must be maintained for 10  seconds  while  checking  for  nozzle  leakage. (c) Depress lever on tester until pressure gauge reads 1,400 psi (9,653 kPa) and observe tip of  nozzle  (2).  If  a  droplet  forms  and  drops  off  the  nozzle  (2)  in  10  seconds  or  less,  replace nozzle  (2). 4. Chatter test. (a)  Close  shutoff  valve  to  pressure  gauge. (b) Depress lever on tester slowly, noting whether a chattering noise can be heard. NOTE Faster lever movement may cause nozzle to hiss or squeal rather than  chatter;  this  is  acceptable. (c) If no chatter is heard, increase speed of lever movement on tester until nozzle (2) chatters. If  no  chatter  is  heard,  replace  nozzle  (2). 2-143


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