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TM 9-2815-237-34 Change 1 2-153 2-41.   ENGINE ASSEMBLY FROM SUBASSEMBLIES This task covers: a. Crankshaft and Main Bearings q. Fuel Injection Nozzles b. Flywheel r. Rocker Arm Shafts and Pushrods c. Pistons and Connecting Rods s. Rocker Arm Covers d. Oil Pump t. Modulator Link e. Camshaft u. Fuel Supply and Return Lines f. Timing Chain and Drive Sprockets v. Fuel Injection Lines g. Timing Gear Cover w.    Water Crossover h. Oil Pan x. Intake Manifold i. Oil Filter and Adapter y. Exhaust Manifold j. Fuel Pump y.1. Turbocharger k. Oil Pump Drive y.2. Manifold-to-Turbocharger Exhaust Pipe l. Fuel Injection Pump y.3. Wastegate Housing m.   Water Pump and Adapter Plate y.4. Wastegate Actuator n. Valve Lifters z. Torsional Damper o. Cylinder Heads aa.  Crankshaft Pulley p. Glow Plugs bb.  Fan Drive and Water Pump Pulley Materials/Parts (Cont’d) Water pump gasket (Appendix D, Item 22) Injection pump gasket (Appendix D, Item 15) Two cylinder head gaskets (Appendix D, Item 11) Two water crossover gaskets (Appendix D, Item 20) Eight injector nozzle gaskets (Appendix D, Item 16) Two exhaust manifold gaskets (Appendix D, Item 12) Front cover oil seal (Appendix D, Item 43) Rear oil pan seal (Appendix D, Item 46) Oil filter (Appendix D, Item 6) Eight rod bearings (Appendix D, Item 1) Oil filter adapter bolt gasket (Appendix D, Item 7) Three woodruff keys (Appendix D, Item 54) Oil pan gasket set (Appendix D, Item 9) Two rocker arm cover gaskets (Appendix D, Item 18) Rear main oil seal (Appendix D, Items 44 or 45) O-ring (Appendix D, Item 28) Adhesive (Appendix B, Item 1) Bearing clearance gauge  (Appendix B, Item 9) Sealer, anaerobic gasket (Appendix B, Item 10) Lubricating oil OE/HDO (Appendix B, Item 13) Silicone sealant (Appendix B, Item 16) Pipe sealing compound (Appendix B, Item 17) Sealing compound (Appendix B, Item 18) General Safety Instructions •  Crankshaft must be supported during removal and installation. •  Do not perform this procedure near fire, flame, or sparks. INITIAL SETUP: Tools General mechanic’s tool kit: automotive (Appendix E, Item 1) Feeler gauge (Appendix E, Item 13) Piston ring compressor (Appendix E, Item 35) Special Tools Rear main seal installer (Appendix E, Items 33 or 34) Injector nozzle socket (Appendix E, Item 5) Glow plug socket (Appendix E, Item 6) Hex-head driver, 6 mm (Appendix E, Item 7) Hex-head driver, 8 mm (Appendix E, Item 8) Hex-head driver, 5/16-in.  (Appendix E, Item 9) Crowfoot, 16 mm (Appendix E, Item 36) Crowfoot, 19 mm (Appendix E, Item 37) Personnel Required One mechanic One assistant Manual References TM 9-2815-237-34P Materials/Parts Turbocharger oil gasket (Appendix D, Item 19) Intake manifold gasket kit (Appendix D, Item 8) Two center intake manifold gaskets, turbocharged engine (Appendix D, Item 8.1) Two O-rings (Appendix D, Item 31) Fuel pump gasket (Appendix D, Item 13) Adapter plate gasket (Appendix D, Item 10) Oil pump drive gasket (Appendix D, Item 17)


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