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TM  9-2815-237-34 Section  II.  ILLUSTRATED  MANUFACTURING  INSTRUCTIONS  (Cont’d) MATERIAL   BLOCK STOCK  SIZE DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATION 0.359-0.391-in. INSIDE DIA., HOSE,  NON-METALLIC GM-6165-M 0.648-0.602-in.   OUTSIDE   DIA. FUEL  SUPPLY  HOSE HOSE CUT  LENGTH MANUFACTURED PART  NUMBER (INCHES) FROM  NSN 23500023 9-13/16 4720-01-159-5796 Figure  C-2.  Fuel  Supply  Hose. INSTRUCTIONS: Cut  hose  to  length  shown. MATERIAL   BLOCK STOCK  SIZE DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATION 0.234-0.266-in.  INSIDE  DIA., HOSE,  NON-METALLIC GM-6165-M 0.523-0.477-in.  OUTSIDE  DIA. FUEL  HOSE HOSE CUT  LENGTH MANUFACTURED PART  NUMBER (INCHES) FROM  NSN 23500024 22 4720-01-155-7784 Figure  C-3.  Fuel  Hose. INSTRUCTIONS: Cut  hose  to  length  shown. C-2


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