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D-1 TM 9-2815-237-34 APPENDIX D MANDATORY REPLACEMENT PARTS Section I. INTRODUCTION D-1.  SCOPE This  appendix  lists  mandatory  replacement  parts  you  will  need  to  maintain  the  6.2L  and  6.5L  diesel  engines. D-2.  EXPLANATION  OF  COLUMNS a. Column (1) - Item Number.  This  number  is  assigned  to  each  entry  in  the  listing  and  is  referenced in the “Initial Setup” of applicable tasks under the heading of “Materials/Parts”. b. Column (2) - Nomenclature. Name or identification of the part. c. Column (3) - Part Number. The  manufacturer’s  part  number. d. Column (4) - National Stock Number. The national stock number of the part.


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