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E-1 E-2 EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS TM 9-2815-237-34 APPENDIX E TOOL IDENTIFICATION LIST Section  I.  INTRODUCTION E-1.   SCOPE This  appendix  lists  common  tools,  special  tools,  and  test  equipment  needed  to  maintain  the  6.2L  and  6.5L diesel   engines. a. Column (1) - Item Number. This number is assigned to each entry in the listing and is referenced in the  “Initial  Setup”  of  applicable  tasks  under  the  headings  of  “Test  Equipment,”  Tools,”  and  “Special  Tools.” b. Column (2) - Item Name. Name or identification of the tool or test equipment. c. Column (3) - National Stock Number. The national stock number of the tool or test equipment. d. Column (4) - Part Number. The  manufacturer’s  part  number. e. Column (5) - Reference.  This  column  lists  the  references  used  to  identify  and  illustrate  the  tools and  test  equipment  needed  for  maintaining  the  6.2L  and  6.5L  diesel  engines.


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