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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-16. CYLINDER BLOCK REPAIR (Cont’d) 3. Camshaft bearing replacement. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. Remove Remove WARNING Cylinder block must be supported during removal and installation from engine stand. Failure to support cylinder block may cause injury  to  personnel  or  damage  to  equipment. NOTE The  following  steps  are  to  be  performed  only  if  camshaft  bearings are  to  be  replaced. cylinder  block  (2)  from  engine  stand. twenty capscrews (3) and five main bearing caps (4) from cylinder block (2). Drive  camshaft  rear  plug  (1)  from  cylinder  block  (2).  Discard  plug  (1). Install  adapter  J  6098-11  in  camshaft  bearing  number  two  (6). Install pilot in number one camshaft bearing (5). Insert threaded rod through pilot and into  adapter. thread Hold threaded rod stationary and tighten long hex nut to remove camshaft bearing (6) from cylinder block (2). When camshaft bearing (6) has been completely removed from cylinder block  (2),  remove  threaded  rod,  pilot,  and  adapter.  Discard  bearing  (6). Repeat  steps  d.  through  f.  for  number  three  camshaft  bearing  (7). Repeat steps d. through f., working from rear of cylinder block (2), for number four camshaft bearing  (8). Using driver handle and adapter J6098-11, remove number one camshaft bearing (5) from cylinder  block  (2).  Discard  bearing  (5). Using driver handle and adapter J 6098-12, remove number five camshaft bearing (9) from cylinder  block  (2).  Discard  bearing  (9). 2-48


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