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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-15.   INJECTION PUMP REPLACEMENT (continued). c. INSTALLATION NOTE The   thickness   of   the   gasket(s)   to   be   installed   is   determined   by   the   number stamped on the side of the crankcase next to the injection pump.  For example, if the  number  "6"  is  stamped  on  the  crankcase,  the  total  thickness  of  the  gaskets should be 0.60 mm.  Gaskets come in sets of three gaskets of varying thickness. 1. Install  enough  new  gaskets  (10)  on  crankcase  (4)  to  reach  the  thickness  indicated  by  the  number  stamped  on crankcase (4). NOTE To  install  injection  pump  in  crankcase,  control  rack  of  injection  pump  must  be positioned over cutout in crankcase. 2. Position  control  rack  of  injection  pump  (7)  over  cutout,  and  install  injection  pump  (7)  on  crankcase  (4).    Turn flywheel (11) to allow injection pump (7) to sit all the way down in the opening. 3. Install four nuts (9) on injection pump (7). 3-52


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