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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-21. FUEL INJECTOR TEST (continued). g. Install fuel injector (6) on test tube (2). WARNING · Fuel  spray  on  hot  components  is  an  extreme  fire  hazard.    Control  leakage immediately, to prevent serious injury to personnel. · Keep hands away from fuel injector after installing it on test tube.  Fuel spray can penetrate the skin, causing blood poisoning.  Failure to follow this warning may result In serious injury or death. h. Crank engine. i. Check pressure reading at indicator dial (3).  Correct pressure is 250 to 258 bar. j. If pressure is not correct, replace fuel injector (para 3-14). k. Check spray pattern.  Fuel should spray evenly, in a diffuse pattern, rather than in a stream or dripping. I. If spray pattern is not correct, replace fuel injector (6) (para 3-14). m. Remove fuel injector (6) from test tube (2). 3-67


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