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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 2-11. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS. a. Any repair  procedure  peculiar  to  a  specific  part  or  component  is  covered  in  the  section  or  paragraph  relating  to that  item.    After  repair,  clean  all  parts  thoroughly  to  prevent  dirt,  metal  chips,  or  other  foreign  material  from entering any working parts. b. Repair castings, forgings, and machined parts using the following instructions: (1) Refer to TC 9-237 for instructions on repairing minor cracked castings or forgings. WARNING Drycleaning   solvent   P-D-680   is   toxic   and   flammable.      Always   wear   protective goggles and gloves and use only in a well-ventilated area.  Avoid contact with skin, eyes,  and  clothes,  and  DO  NOT  breathe  vapors.    DO  NOT  use  near  open  flame  or excessive heat. (2) Repair  minor  damage  to  machined  surfaces  with  a  fine  mill  file  or  abrasive   cloth  dipped  in  drycleaning solvent (Item 4, Appendix D). (3) Replace   any   deeply   nicked   machined   surface   that   could   affect   the   operation   of   the   Diesel   Engine Assembly. (4) Repair minor damage to a threaded capscrew hole with thread tap of same size, to prevent cutting the hole too large. 2-12. HOSE AND TUBE TAGGING. a. As soon as the first hose or tube is disconnected, write the number "1" on two tags.  Secure one tag to the hose or  tube  and  the  other  tag  to  the  nipple  or  fitting.   After  disconnecting  the  second  hose  or  tube,  write  the  number "2" on two tags.  Secure one tag to the hose or tube and the other tag to the nipple or fitting.  Do the same for all hoses and tubes. b. Note  which  numbers  you  used,  in  pencil,  on  the  art  in  this  manual.    This  will  help  you  retag  properly  when  you remove tags from some parts to perform cleaning and maintenance work. c. Remove all tags when finished. 2-13. LUBRICATION INSTRUCTIONS. To  prevent  corrosion,  apply  a  light  coat  of  lubricating  oil  to  metal  parts  after  they  are  cleaned  and  before  they  are assembled. 2-14. TORQUE VALUES. Follow the torque values given in the maintenance procedures, which apply to unlubricated threads.  If no torque value is given, refer to Appendix E. 2-6


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