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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 2-19.  OIL TUBE ASSEMBLIES REPLACEMENT. This Task Covers: a.  Removal b.  Installation Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment: Equipment Conditions:    General mechanic's tool kit, automotive    Airflow deflectors removed (only as many as needed (Item 15, Appendix G) to allow access to oil tubes) (para 2-24).    Oil switch removed (para 2-25). Materials/Parts:    Fuel pressure pipe assemblies removed (para 2-23).    O-ring (Item 46, Appendix F)    Washer (12) (Item 18, Appendix F) a. REMOVAL 1. Remove  fluid  passage  bolt  (14)  and  two  washers  (12)  from  plate  (11)  and  oil  tube  assembly  (15).    Discard washers. 2. Remove  two  screws  (13)  and  plate  (11)  from  timing  cover  (7).    Remove  O-ring  (10)from  plate  (11).    Discard  O- ring. 3. Remove  two  fluid  passage  bolts  (4)  and  four  washers  (5)  from  two  cylinder  heads  (6)  and  oil  tube  assembly  (9). Discard washers. 4. Remove  screw  (1),  fluid  passage  bolt  (3), connector   (17),   bushing   (16),   six   washers (2),  and  two  oil  tube  assemblies  (9  and  15) from crankcase (8).  Discard washers. 2-11


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