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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-5. CYLINDER HEADS REPAIR. This Task Covers: a. Removal b. Cleaning and Inspection c. Adjustment d. Machining e. Installation Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment:    Drycleaning solvent (Item 4, Appendix D)    Cylinder alignment bracket (Item 6, Appendix G)    Rag (Item 7, Appendix D)    Depth gage rule (Item 9, Appendix G)    Head gasket set (Item 3, Appendix F)    General mechanic's tool kit, automotive (Item 15, Appendix G) Equipment Conditions:    Torque wrench, 1/2-inch drive (Item 31,    Eyebolt removed (para 2-16). Appendix G)    Rocker arm assemblies removed (para 3-10).    Valve face grinding machine (Item 33,    Airflow deflectors removed (para 2-24). Appendix G)    Intake manifold removed (para 2-21).    Valve seat grinding kit (Item 34, Appendix G)    Fuel injectors removed (para 3-14).    Valve spring lifter (Item 35, Appendix G)    Oil tube assemblies removed (para 2-19).    Thermostatic switch removed (para 2-26). Materials/Parts:    Carbon-removing compound (Item 3, Appendix D) a. REMOVAL 1. Remove   two   push   rods   (2)   from   each   of   two guides (1). 2. Remove five extended plain nuts (4), three plain nuts  (5),  and  eight  washers  (3)  from  eight  studs (8). 3. Remove  two  cylinder  heads  (6)  and  gaskets  (7) from two combustion chamber liners (9). Discard gaskets. 3-15


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