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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-9. PISTON AND COMBUSTION CHAMBER LINER REPAIR (continued). 8. Remove two pistons (15) and connecting rods (1) from two combustion chamber liners (2) b. DISASSEMBLY 1. Remove  two  connecting  rod  caps  (5)  and  four  screws  (6)  from  two  connecting  rods  (1).    Remove  two  sleeve bearing  halves  (18)  from  each  of  two  connecting  rods  (1)  and  connecting  rod  caps  (5).    Discard  bearing  halves. Loosely install two connecting rod caps (5) and four screws (6) on two connecting rods (1). 2. Remove three piston rings (14) from each of two pistons (15).  Discard piston rings. NOTE If  any  pistons,  piston  pins,  retaining  rings,  or  connecting  rods  are  damaged  and need to be replaced, do steps 3 and 4.  Otherwise, go to step 3 in subparagraph d. 3. Remove  two  retaining  rings  (17)  and  piston  pin (16)   from   piston   (15)   and   connecting   rod   (1). Discard retaining rings. 4. Remove   piston   (15)   from   connecting   rod   (1). Replace   piston,   piston   pin,   and/or   connecting rod   if   damaged.      Repeat   for   other   piston,   if necessary. c.   CLEANING WARNING Drycleaning   solvent   P-D-680   is   toxic   and   flammable.      Always   wear   protective goggles and gloves and use only in a well-ventilated area.  Avoid contact with skin, eyes,  and  clothes,  and  DO  NOT  breathe  vapors.    DO  NOT  use  near  open  flame  or excessive heat. 1. Remove   carbon   from   pistons,   piston   ring   grooves,   and   combustion   chamber   liners   with   carbon-removing compound.  Clean all parts with drycleaning solvent and rag. 2. Using cylinder ridge reamer, remove ridge from top of combustion chamber liner. 3-34


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