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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-9. PISTON AND COMBUSTION CHAMBER LINER REPAIR (continued). INJECTION-PUMP SIDE OF ENGINE CAUTION Pocket in piston and notches in connecting rod must face starter access plate side of engine. 7. Slide piston (15) into combustion chamber liner (2).  Make sure pocket in piston (15) is facing toward starter access plate side of engine. 8. Tap  piston  (15)  into  combustion  chamber  liner  (2)  with  hammer  handle.    Make  sure  connecting  rod  (1)  is  aligned with crankshaft journal. CAUTION Each  connecting  rod  and  connecting  rod  cap  is  stamped  with  a  number  and  also has  a  notch  on  one  side.    Each  connecting  rod  cap  must  be  installed  on  the connecting rod stamped with the same number and with the notches on the same side. 9. Install  two  connecting  rod  caps  (5)  on  two  connecting  rods  (1)  and  secure  loosely  with  two  screws  (6).    Torque screws to 30 ft-lb (40 Nom). FOLLOW-ON TASKS:   Install oil pan (para 3-13).   Turn engine upright.   Install cylinder heads (para 3-5). 3-37


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