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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-10.   ROCKER ARM ASSEMBLIES REPAIR (continued). 3. Remove two rocker arms (6 and 9) from rocker arm bracket (8). NOTE Remove nuts and adjusting screws only if damaged. 4. Remove  two  nuts  (4)  and  adjusting  screws  (5)  from  two  rocker  arms  (6  and  9).    If  damaged,  discard  nuts  and adjusting screws. b. INSTALLATION NOTE ·  There are two rocker arm assemblies on the engine.  Repeat steps 1 through 4 to install both of them. ·  If nuts or adjusting screws need to be replaced, do step 1.  If not, go to step 2. 1. Install two new nuts (4) on two new adjusting screws (5).  Install two adjusting screws (5) on two rocker arms (6 and 9). 2. Place two rocker arms (6 and 9) on rocker arm bracket (8) and secure with two new retaining rings (1). 3. To  determine  if  shims  (2  or  3)  are  needed,  use  a feeler  gage  to  measure  play  between  rocker  arm bracket (8) (point A) and inside edge of rocker arm (6  or  9)  (point  B).    This  measurement  should  be between  0.004  and  0.008  inch  (0.1  mm  and  0.2 mm).    Remove  two  retaining  rings  (1)  from  rocker arm   bracket   (8),   and   install   shims   (2   or   3)   as needed     to     achieve     this     distance.          Reinstall retaining rings (1) in rocker arm bracket (8). CAUTION To ensure adequate lubrication, rocker arm bracket must be installed with the oil hole on the bottom. 4. Install rocker arm bracket (8) on two studs (10) and secure with two new self-locking nuts (7).  Torque nuts to 17 ft- lb (23 Nm). FOLLOW-ON TASKS:   Adjust valves (para 3-18).   Install rocker arm covers and gaskets (para 2-17). 3-39


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