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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 APPENDIX C EXPENDABLE/DURABLE SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS LIST Section I.  INTRODUCTION C-1 SCOPE. This appendix lists expendable/durable supplies and materials you will need to operate and maintain the engine: These items  are  authorized  to  you  by  CTA  50-970,  Expendable/Durable  Items  (except  medical,  class  V  repair  parts,  and heraldic items). C-2 EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS. a. Column  1.    Item  number.    This  number  is  assigned  to  the  entry  in  the  listing  and  is  referenced  in  the narrative instructions to identify the item (e.g.  "Use cleaning compound, item 5, Appendix E".). b. Column 2.  Level.  This column identifies the lowest level of maintenance that requires the item. C  -  Operator/crew O  -  Unit maintenance F  -  Direct support maintenance H  -  General support maintenance c. Column 3.  National stock number.  This is the national stock number assigned to the item which you can use to requisition it. d. Column 4.  Item name, description, Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGEC), and part number. This provides the other information you need to identify the item. e. Column  5.    Unit  of  measure.    This  code  shows  the  physical  measurement  or  count  of  an  item,  such  as gallon, dozen, gross, etc. Section II.  EXPENDABLE/DURABLE SUPPLIES LIST (1) ITEM NO. (2) LEVEL (3) NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER (4) DESCRIPTION (5) U/M 1 Unit/ DS/ GS 7920-01-338-3329 Cloth, Cleaning, TX-1250 2 DS/ GS 5210-00-640-6178 Gage, Bearing Clear, BX PLASTIGAGEPR1 3 Unit/ DS/ GS 9150-00-663-1770 General Purpose Grease, 630AA TU 4 Unit DS/ GS 9150-00-152-4117 Lubricating Oil, Eng, 15/40W, QT MIL-L-2104 5 Unit/ DS/ GS 5350-00-224-7201 Paper, Abrasive, #400 SHT 6 DS/ GS 8030-00-891-8358 Sealing Compound (LOCTITE 609), TU MIL-R-46082 7 DS/ GS 3439-00-974-1873 Solder, Tin Alloy Compound, OZ SN60WRAP2 8 Unit/ DS/ GS 6850-00-264-9038 Solvent, Dry Cleaning, P-D-680, 5 Gal. GL Can C-1/(C-2 blank)


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