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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 TABLE 3-2.  Troubleshooting Malfunction Test or Inspection Corrective Action 1.   ENGINE WILL NOT CRANK. Step 1.  Check for defective end item starting system. Troubleshoot per end item maintenance manual.  If not defective, do step 2. Step 2.  Check for defective starter motor and solenoid. a.  Test starter and solenoid, refer to paragraph 3-24.3.1. b.  Repair/replace defective starter and/or solenoid, refer to paragraph 3-24. 2.  STARTER OPERATES BUT WILL NOT TURN OVER. Check for worn or broken starter pinion gear and/or flywheel ring gear. a. Remove starter and inspect pinion gear and flywheel ring gear for damage, refer to paragraph 3-24.2. b. Replace defective clutch assembly and/or flywheel ring gear, refer to paragraph 3-24.  and/or refer to end item maintenance manual. 3.   ENGINE HARD TO START OR WILL NOT START. Step 1.  Check for stop/start lever in wrong position. a.   Check position for lever.  If in proper position, do step 2. b.  Adjust stop/start lever, refer to paragraph 3-23.5. Step 2.  Check for clogged fuel filter. Refer to paragraph 3-16.  for inspection.  If not clogged, do step 3. Step 3.  Check for air in fuel system lines. 3-3


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