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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 TABLE 3-2. Troubleshooting Malfunction Test or Inspection Malfunction Test or Inspection Corrective Action Step 2. Check for clogged fuel filter. Refer to paragraph 3-16. for inspection. If not clogged, do step 3. Step 3. Check for defective governor system. Adjust governor system, refer to paragraph 3-23.5. If properly adjusted, do step 4. Step 4. Check for low coolant temperature. a. If coolant temperature not low, do step 5. b. Replace defective thermostat, refer to paragraph 3-9. Step 5. Check for fuel injector nozzles dirty, defective or leaking. a. Remove and test fuel injectors, refer to paragraph 3-17. If not defective, do step 6. b. Replace fuel injector nozzle(s), refer to paragraph 3-17. Step 6. Check for defective fuel injection pumps. a. Test fuel injection pumps, refer to paragraph 3-13.3. If not defective, do step 7. b. Replace fuel injection pump(s), refer to paragraph 3-13. Step 7. Check for improper fuel pump timing. Adjust fuel pump timing, refer to paragraph 3-14. If adjusted properly, do step 8. Step 8. Weak or broken valve springs. a. Remove and check valve springs, refer to paragraph 3-27. b. Remove and check valve springs, refer to paragraph 3-27. 6.  ENGINE DOES NOT DEVELOP FULL POWER. 3-5


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