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ARMY TM 9-281-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 TABLE 3-2.  Troubleshooting Malfunction Test or Inspection Corrective Action Step 2. Check for bent pushrods. a. Replace bent pushrods.  Refer to paragraph 3-26. b. Inspect pushrods for straightness.  Refer to paragraph 3-26.  If straight, repair or replace defective engine. 14.  DETONATION OR PRE-IGNITION. Step 1. Check for defective fuel injectors. a. Remove and test fuel injectors.  Refer to paragraph 3-17.  If not defective, do step 2. b. Replace fuel injectors.  Refer to paragraph 3-17. Step 2. Check for improper fuel pump timing. Adjust fuel pump timing.  Refer to paragraph 3-14.  If timing is correct, do step 3. Step 3. Check for carbon build-up in compression chambers. a. Remove cylinder head and inspect for carbon build-up.  Refer to paragraph 3-27. b. Remove carbon and/or replace components as necessary. 3-10


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