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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 The 'G' setting is made to ensure that fuel pumps deliver correct amount of fuel for desired engine speed. NOTE This adjustment requires use of governor setting gage (317-50115). (1)  Move lever (25) clockwise to run position. (2)    Insert  26.5  part  of  setting  gage  between  head  of  upper  capscrew  (17)  and  top  of  curved  part  of  lever (25). (3)  Adjust lower capscrew (17) until lever (25) just touches setting gage. (4)  Tighten lower capscrew locknut (16). (5)  Remove gage. NOTE Speed adjustment must be made with engine installed, refer to end item maintenance manual. NOTE Speed adjustments are made after governor has been correctly set.  Capscrews (35 and 36) are used to adjust speed control. NOTE Engine speed is controlled by speeder spring (1) inside crankcase. d.  Adjust speed in accordance with end item maintenance manual. Section IX.  ELECTRICAL SYSTEM MAINTENANCE 3-24.  STARTFR ASSFMBI Y. 3-24.1.  Removal. NOTE Perform testing on starter motor before removal from engine assembly, refer to paragraph 3-24.3.1. a.  Remove nuts (1, FIGURE 3-21), lockwashers (2), capscrew (3), and lockwasher (4).  Tag and disconnect all electrical leads.  Discard lockwashers. b.  Support weight of starter and remove two capscrews (5) and washers (6) securing starter.  Remove starter. c.  Cover opening in flywheel housing. 3-24.2.  Disassembly. a.  Tag and disconnect wire from solenoid (1, FIGURE 3-22). b.  Remove two screws (2) securing solenoid (1); remove solenoid. 3-45


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