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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 FIGURE 3-30.  Checking Cylinder Head Clearance (5)  Remove cylinder head and measure the thickness of solder.  This should be 0.0276 to 0.0354 in.  (0.7 to 0.9 mm) and is obtained by a single gasket under head. 3-27.4.  Repair. a.  Using valve guide replacement tool (317-50033), refer to FIGURE 3-29; remove each valve guide as follows: (1)  Place cylinder head on its side in a soft-jawed vice. (2)  Screw mandrel (1) into tool (2). (3)  Place sleeve (3) onto tool. (4)  Fit bevelled adapter (4) into sleeve (3) and locate bevel into valve seat. (5)  Locate mandrel (1) through guide from valve seat side. (6)  Screw small threaded sleeve (5) onto mandrel (1) at valve rocker side. (7)    Holding  sliding  handle  firmly  to  prevent  rotation,  turn  double  handled  lever  clockwise  until  guide  is withdrawn through head. (8)  If it is found difficult to start moving guides a sharp tap with a copper hammer should break seal. b.  Regrind valves and valve seats in cylinder head. NOTE Valves seat grinding angles are: 150, 44.5°, and 60°.  Valve angle is 45°. c.  Using valve guide removal and replacement tool (317-50033), refer to FIGURE 3-29; install each valve guide. (1)  Install mandrel (1) into valve guide hole from valve rocker end. (2)  Place valve guide over mandrel (1) with counterbored end of guide facing towards valve seats. (3)  Place depth stop (317-50108) (6) over mandrel (1) and screw on threaded sleeve (5). (4)  Fit tool complete with bevelled adapter (4) onto mandrel (1) at valve seat side. (5)    Hold  sliding  handle  firmly  to  prevent  rotating.    Turn  double  handled  lever  clockwise  until  depth  stop prevents  further  movement.    At  this  point  guide  will  protrude  0.463  to  0.482  in.    (11.75  to  12.25  mm) above cylinder head. 3-27.5.  Assembly. 3-59


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