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ARMY TM 9-2815-253-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-93-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/3 FIGURE 3-12.  Fuel Filter 3-16.2.  Removal. WARNING Fuel  Is  flammable.    Keep  fuel  away  from  heat  and  open  flame.    Failure  to  observe  this  warning could result In severe personal Injury or death. NOTE Catch fuel in suitable container. a. Disconnect end item fuel supply line from fuel filter (15, FIGURE 3-7). b. If damaged, (or if replacing filter assembly), remove fitting (12) from filter (15). c. Remove swivel union plug (9) securing fuel line (11) to fuel filter (15); remove fuel line (11) and two seals (10). Discard seals (10). d. Remove  two  capscrews  (13)  and  lockwashers  (14)  securing  filter  (15)  to  mounting  bracket  (18)  remove  filter. Discard lockwashers (14). e. If  damaged,  remove  capscrew  (16)  and  lockwasher  (17)  securing  bracket  (18)  to  flywheel  housing.    Discard lockwasher (17). f. Cap all openings. 3-16.3.  Installation. a. Remove all caps. b. If  removed,  position  bracket  (18,  FIGURE  3-7)  on  flywheel  housing  and  secure  with  capscrew  (16)  and  new lockwasher (17).  Tighten capscrew to 58 ft-lbs (78.6 Nm). c. Position fuel filter (15) on bracket (18) and secure with two capscrews (13) and new lockwashers (14). d. Connect fuel supply line (11) to fuel filter (15) using two new seals (10) and swivel union plug (9). e. If removed or replaced, install fitting (12) in filter (15). f. If required, connect end item fuel supply line to fuel filter (15). 3-26


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