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ARMY TM 9-2815-253-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-93-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/3 SECTION VII.  LUBRICATION SYSTEM MAINTENANCE 3-20.  OIL FILTER AND CRANKCASE DOOR. 3-20.1.  Oil Filter Cartridge Replacement. a. Drain lubrication system.  Refer to end item maintenance manual. b. Loosen cartridge (1, FIGURE 3-15) by turning counterclockwise with a filter wrench. c. Discard used cartridge. d. Wipe filter mating surface with a dean rag. e. Apply light coat of engine lubricating oil (MIL-L-2104) to new cartridge (1) gasket. f. Place cartridge on adapter (2) and turn clockwise until cartridge is hand tight. g. Using filter wrench, turn cartridge an additional 1/2 to 3/4 turn. h. Service lubrication system.  Refer to end item lubrication order. i. Operate engine and check for leakage. 3-20.2.  Crankcase Door. 3-20.2.1  Removal. a. Drain lubrication system.  Refer to end item maintenance manual. b. Remove oil filter cartridge.  Refer to paragraph 3-20.1. c. Remove fuel solenoid and bracket.  Refer to paragraph 3-19.1. d. Remove thirteen bolts (3, FIGURE 3-15) four nuts (5), two stand off studs (6), and nineteen washers (4) securing crankcase door (7) to crankcase; remove door (7) and gasket (8).  Discard gasket. e. If damaged, remove tappet studs (9) from engine. 3-20.2.2  Replace. a. Remove crankcase door.  Refer to paragraph 3-20.2.1. b. Remove adapter (2, FIGURE 3-15). c. Remove oil filler cap (10) and preformed packing (11) Discard preformed packing. d. Remove dipstick (12) and remove preformed packing (13) from dipstick.  Discard preformed packing. e. Remove  two  nuts  (14)  and  lockwashers  (15)  securing  plate  (16);  remove  plate  (16)  and  gasket  (17).    Discard lockwasher (15) and gasket (17). f. Remove two studs (18). g. Install two studs (18). h. Position new gasket (17) and plate (16) on studs (18) and secure with two nuts (14) and new lockwashers (15). i. Install new preformed packing (13) on dipstick (12) and install dipstick. j. Install new preformed packing (11) on oil filler cap (10) and install cap. k. Install adapter (2). I. Install crankcase door.  Refer to paragraph 3-20.2.4. 3-32


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