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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 g. h. i. j. k. 1.. m. n. Install four nuts (20), insulator (23). two nuts (21 and 22), and screw (19). Tighten hardware to 32.5 in-lbs (3.7  Nm). To  keep  stator  and  end  cover  aligned,  place  a  steel  rod  through  two  of  the  thru-screw  holes  until  ready  to  insert thru-screws. Install new bearing (18) on rotor (11) shaft. Install bearing (17) in front cover (10) . Install retainer (16) and secure with three screws (15). Tighten screws to 32.5 in-lbs (3.7 Nm). Install front cover (10) and spacer (14) on rotor (11) shaft. Clamp rotor (11) in a soft-jawed vise. Install pulley (13) on rotor shaft and secure with nut/lockwasher (12). Tighten nut to 38 ft-lbs (51.5 Nm). Use  small  pin  through  hole  in  rear  cover  to  hold  brush  depressed  in brush holder to allow slip ring to pass through. Position rotor (11) with front cover (10) attached into stator and rear cover. Align benchmarks, remove two steel rods, and secure with three thru-screws (8 and 9). Tighten screws to 32.5 in-lbs (3.7 Nm). 3-24.6.   Installation. a. lf removed, position bracket (7, FlGURE 3-49) on water pump mounting and secure with bolt and washer. Tighten bolt to 30 ft-lbs (40.6 Nm). b. Position alternator on tower mounting bracket and secure with two bolts (3), washers (6). new lockwashers (5), and nuts (4). Do not tighten bolts. c. Attach alternator to bracket (7) with screw (1) end washer (2). d. Pivot  alternator  and  route  fan  belt  over  pulley  (13).  Adjust  belt  tension,  refer  to  end  item  maintenance  manual. e. Connect electrical leads to alternator as tagged during removal. f. Operate engine and check for proper operation of electrical system. 3-98


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