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ARMY   TM   9-2815-254-24 AIR   FORCE   TO   38G1-94-2 1. First  Compression  Ring  Gap 2. Second  Compression  Ring  Gap 3. Third  Compression  Ring  Gap 4. Oil Ring Gap 5. Coil  Expander  Jointing  End FIGURE  3-97.  Piston  Ring  Gap  Setting Ensure rod bolts do not come in contact with crankpin. Damage to crankpin could result. X. Using a piston ring compressor, compress piston rings. Use a hammer handle to push piston into cylinder bore until connecting rod makes contact with crankpin. At same time rotate crankshaft until crankpin is at BDC. y. Position piston head front mark so it faces front of engine. z. Align  bearing  cap  (3,  FIGURE  3-77)  cylinder  number  marks  and  connecting  rod  cylinder  number marks.  The  cylinder  number  marks  must  be  turned  toward  exhaust  manifold. aa. Apply a coat of engine lubricating oil (MIL-L-2104) to threads and seating faces of connecting rod cap bolts (1). Install two bolts (1) and nuts (2) for each beating cap (3). Tighten nuts to 61.5 ft-lbs (83.3 Nm). ab.  Ensure  crankshaft  rotates  freely. Change 2 3-147


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