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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 3-30.3.  Inspect and Measure. 3-30.3.1.   Idler   Gear   and   Shaft. a.  Using  a  micrometer,  measure  idler gear shaft OD, refer to FIGURE 3-103. standard 00 is 1.769 to 1.770 in. (44.95 to 44.98 mm), with a limit of 1.767 in. (44.96) If OD is less than limit, replace shaft. FIGURE   3-103.   Idler   Gear   Shaft   Outside   Diameter b. Using inside micrometer, measure idler gear ID. Standard ID is 1.7717 to 1.7718 in. (45.0 to 45.03 mm), with a limit of 1.7756 in. (45.10 mm). c. Standard  clearance  between  idler  gear  shaft  OD  and  idler  gear  ID  is  0.0010  to  0.0033  in.  (0.025  to  0.085  mm) . If clearance exceeds limit of 0.608 in. (02 mm), replace idler gear. 3-30.3.2.    camshaft. a. Inspect journals, cams, oil pump drive gear, and camshaft bearing for excessive wear and damage. If exces- sive wear or damage is found, replace camshaft and bearings. b. Standard camshaft journal diameter is 1.88 to 1.89 in. (47.94 to 47.97 mm). Using a micrometer, measure journal diameter two places, 180 degrees apart, refer to FIGURE 3-104. If measured diameter is less than limit of 1.87 in. (47.6 mm), replace camshaft. 3-154


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