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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 c. Remove  bolts  (4)  and  washers  (5)  securing  right  engine  foot  (7)  and  alternator  mounting  bracket  (6);  remove foot and bracket. d. Remove  small  freeze  plug  (8)  on  rear  of  engine  and  using  a  punch,  drive  coolant  duct  (9)  from  cylinder  block. e. Remove eight tappets (10) from block. If they are to be reused, tag them as to their location for use during assembly. N O T E To remove rear camshaft bearing, remove freeze plug. f. Remove camshaft bearings (11) using bearing remover/ installer (320905) g. Remove two screws (12) securing cover (13) to engine block; remove cover (13) and packing (14). Discard packing. N O T E If cylinder liner is removed, it must be replaced. h. Remove cylinder liner (15) as follows: (1) Insert cylinder liner remover (NU-7626) into cylinder block (from lower side) until it makes firm contact with cylinder liner. Insert grip (7631) into cylinder liner remover. Use care not to damage cylinder block upper face during cylinder liner removal. (2)   Using an arbor press, slowly force cylinder liner from cylinder block. i. Remove plugs, caps, and freeze plugs only if necessary. 3-163


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