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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 TABLE  3-2  Troubleshooting 1. ENGINE WILL NOT CRANK Step 1. Check for defective end item starting system. Troubleshooting  per  end  item  maintenance  manual.  lf  not  defective,  do  step  2. Step 2. Check for defective starter motor and solenoid. a  Test  starter  and  solenoid.  Refer  to  paragraph  NO  TAG b.  Repair/replace  defective  starter  and/or  solenoid.  Refer  to  paragraph  3-23. 2. STARTER  OPERATES  BUT  ENGINE  DOES  NOT  TURN  OVER. Step  1. Check for worn or broken starter pinion gear and/or flywheel ring gear. a  . Remove starter and inspect pinion gear and flywheel ring gear for damage. b  . Replace  defective  clutch  assembly  and/or  flywheel  ring  gear.  Refer  to  paragraphs  3-23  and 3-31. Step 2. Crankshaft rotation restricted. Attempt to manually rotate engine. If unable to manually rotate, repair/replace    engine. 3 . ENGINE CRANKS BUT FAILS TO START Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Check for fuel being supplied to fuel injection pump. a . Test  feed  pump  capacity.  Refer  to  paragraph  NO  TAG.  If  feed  pump  not  defec- tive, do step 2. b. Repair or replace fuel feed pump. Refer to paragraph 3-11. Check for dogged fuel filter/water separator. a Remove and dean fuel filter Assembly, paragraph 3-9. If dean, replace water separator, re- fer to end item maintenance manual. Check for air in fuel system lines. Bleed fuel system. Refer to paragraph 3-12. If fuel system is free air, do step 4. Check for fuel injector starling pressure too Iow or spray condition improper. a Remove,  dean  and  test  fuel  injector.  Refer  to  paragraph  3-10.  Adjust  as  necessary,  if  injector can not be adjusted, go to b. If not defective, do step 5. b. Replace fuel injector. Refer to paragraph 3-10. Check  for  improper  fuel  inject  pump  timing. a. Check fuel injection pump timing. Refer to paragraph 3-13.1. If fuel injection pump timing is correct, do step 6. b. Adjust fuel injection pump timing. Refer to paragraph 3-132. Check for defective fuel injection pump. a. Remove and test fuel injection pump. Refer to paragraph NO TAG. b. Repair or replace defective fuel injection pump. Refer to paragraph 3-11. 3-4


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