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ARMY  TM  9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 30G1-94-2 Table 3-2. Troubleshooting - Continued MALFUNCTION TEST  OR  INSPECTION CORRECTIVE   ACTION 15. ENGINE  MAKES  A  GAS  LEAKING  NOISE. Step 1. Check for loose or damaged exhaust manifold. a.  Inspect  for  damaged  and  attaching  hardware.  IF  not  damage  or  loose,  do  step  2. b. Tighten or replace exhaust manifold. Refer to paragraph 3-21.3. Step 2. Check for loose fuel injection nozzle and/or glow plugs. a.  lnspect  fuel  injection  nozzles  and  glow  plus  for  looseness.  lf not loose, do step 3. b. lf loose, replace washers and tighten injection nozzles (paragraph 3-10) and/or glow plugs (paragraph  3-22.4). Step 3. Check  for  damage  cylinder  head  gasket. a. lnspect area around cylinder head gasket for evidence of gas leakage. b. Remove cylinder head and replace gasket. Refer to paragraph 3-27. 16. DETONATION  OR  PRE-IGNITION Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Improper fuel injection pump timing. a Adjust fuel injection pump timing. Refer to paragraph 3-13. lf timing is correct, proceed to Step 2. Defect fuel injector nozzles. a Test fuel injection nozzles. Refer to paragraph 3-10. lf fuel injection nozzles is not defective, proceed to Step 2. b. Replace fuel injection nozzles. Refer to paragraph 3-10. Carbon build-up in compression chamber. a. Remove cylinder head and inspect for carbon build-up. Refer to paragraphs 3-27 and 3-32. b. Remove carbon and/or replace components as necessary. 17. BATTERY  CHARGE  AMMETER  SHOWS  CHARGE  WHEN  BATTERIES  ARE  LOW. Step 1. Check for broken or loose fan belt. a Inspect fan belt. Refer to end item maintenance manual.  If  belt  not  loose  or  broken,  do  step 2. b. Adjust or replace fan belt. Refer to end item maintenance manual. Step 2. Test for defective battery charging alternator. a Inspect and test battery charging alternator. Refer to paragraph 3-24.1. If alternator not de fective, do step 3. b. Repair or replace battery charging alternator. Refer to paragraph 3-24. Step 3. Check for breaks or loose connections in charging circuit. if breaks or loose connections are found, repair charging circuit. Refer to end item mainte- nance manual. 3-10 Change   1


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