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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 33G1-94-2 i. Verify alignment of Z marks on timing gears. N O T E Note  location  of  two  longer  bolts  (2,  FIGURE  3-7)  for  use  during  installa- tion. j. Support  weight  of  fuel  injection  pump  (3)  and  remove  four  bolts  (1)  and  two  bolts  (2)  securing  pump  to  engine front plate. Remove pump (3) and packing (4). Discard packing (4). 3-11.2.  Disassembly. 3-11.2.1. a. b. c. d. e. 3-11.2.2. a. b. c. d. e. f. Keep work area clean and orderty. Record performance data for later reference. This data will facilitate detection and diagnosis of malfunctions and defects, if any. Lay out parts in order of disassembly. This will aid in reassembling pump. Clean outer surface of pump. Remove all grease and dirt. Drain lubricating oil from pump. Procedure. Mount fuel injection pump in soft-jawed vise. Attach spanner (157916-5320) to timer assembly holder (7, FIGURE 3-7), remove nut (5), and lo&washer (6).  Discard  lo&washer  (6). Attach extractor (157926-6220) and spanner (157916-5320) to timer assembly (7) and remove timer assem- bly. Remove four nuts (5, FIGURE 3-8), lockwashers (6), and washers (7) securing bracket (8) to pump; remove bracket. Remove and discard preformed packing (10). Remove pump from vise. Mount bracket (157944-7820) on universal vise (157944-8520). Securely attach fuel injection pump to bracket using four bolts. 3-33


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