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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 e. Remove No. 1 plate assembly (32, FIGURE 3-8), valve body (33), spring (34); gasket (36). and valve (35). f. Install valve body (33) and tighten to 31 ft-lbs (42.0 Nm). Take  care  to  avoid  entry  of  dirt  or  foreign  particles  in  fuel  injection  pump while delivery valve is removed. Otherwise, damage to pump could oc- cur. g. Hold fuel control lever to full fuel position. h. Slowly turn crankshaft pulley clockwise and at same time operate priming pump to cause fuel to flow from No. 1 delivery valve. i. When fuel stops flowing from No. 1 delivery valve, stop pumping and stop rotating crankshaft. This is correct fuel injection timing. j. Observe and ensure that crankshaft pulley middle timing mark (18 degrees) is aligned with pulley. k. Blow remaining fuel from No. 1 delivery valve holder and check that no fuel flows as pumping is continued. I. Remove delivery valve body (33). Install valve (35), gasket (38), spring (34), valve body (33), and plate as- sembly (32), refer to paragraph 3-11.4.3, steps c, d, and af. m.    Reconnect injection pipe to No. 1 delivery valve, refer to paragraph 3-10.7, step c. Operating engine with priming pump cap in unscrewed position will re- sult in priming pump failure. n. Tighten priming pump cap. 3-66


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