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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5 c. Place rotor on weight cage and secure in vise. d. Place three cushion retainers (31) on the weight retainer pins. NOTE On some fuel injection pumps, the retainers were secured with six retainer rings.  The gasket kit used for  reassembly  will  contain  three  retaining  clips  (30).    All  three  retaining  clips  must  be  installed  in same direction with long slot positioned clockwise relative to hole with short slot. NOTE The clips are to be installed over retainers and fastened onto same two pins that are connected by retainers. e. Place large diameter hole of each of three clips (30) over weight retainer pins. NOTE If  retaining  clip  binds  or  requires  excessive  force  to  rotate  clip  onto  pin,  stop  and  check  for  proper alignment of clip to groove in pin.  Do not force clip into place. f. Rotate clips in clockwise direction while pulling until clip snaps into groove of pin. NOTE Upon  completion  of  installation  of  clips,  check  to  make  sure  that  clips  are  tight  and  positioned  in grooves of weight retainer pins.  Clips should lie flat and be in correct orientation. g. Rotate slotted end of each clip over adjacent pin and press each side of clip over pin until it snaps into place. h. Check or relocate timing mark on governor weight retainer (33) as follows: (1) Place weight retainer (33, FIGURE 3-73) on timing line locator tool (20395). (2) Rotate  weight  retainer  and  rotor  hub  in  direction  indicated  on  tool  until  movable  pointer  lines  up  with  120 degree mark. (3) Check to see if timing mark on rotor hub is aligned with ±  one degree with fixed arrow point on tool. (4) If not, remove existing mark, repeat step (1) thru (3) and scribe a new mark on hub.  New hubs will have no timing mark.  The timing mark will have to be added. NOTE Do  not  mistake  slight  interference  of  retractor  collect  in  bore  for  delivery  valve  sticking.  If  valve  is not secured straight and tight in retractor collect, collect diameter can drag in rotor bore. i. Using extractor (13383), install delivery valve (37) into bore of rotor.  Ensure it slides freely in its bore, refer to FIGURE 3-89. 3-107


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