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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5P bl. With throttle shaft assembly (18) in low idle position and governor control spring relaxed, forked end of throttle lever  (19)  should  straddle  and  engage  flats  on  bushing  (10,  FIGURE  3-67).    Adjust  low  idle  screw  (39, FIGURE 3-64) until forks of lever make contact with flats on bushing. bm. Turn adjusting cap (2, FIGURE 3-67) counterclockwise (from transfer pump end) to end of adjustment, then turn clockwise 1/16 of a turn.  This prevents binding between control rod bushing (10) and throttle shaft lever (19, FIGURE 3-64). bn. Install shutoff shaft assembly (30) through its bore using a slight rotary motion so as not to damage seal ring (22).    If  throttle  shaft  lever  (19)  is  correctly  installed,  rotating  throttle  shaft  assembly  rearward  will  cause compression of governor spring (7, FIGURE 3-67). bo. Invert pump and holding fixture in vise. CAUTION If  head  locating  screw  (54,  FIGURE  3-64)  is  not  seated  properly  into  head,  seal  may  be  sheared during tightening. NOTE Using deep well socket, tighten screw (54) 15 to 18 ft-lbs (20.  3 to 24.  4 Nm). bp. Install new preformed packing (55) on head locating screw (54).  Apply a light film of general purpose grease (630AA) to screw.  Insert screw and thread deeply into head, hand tight. NOTE Sides of housing near advance boss are marked 'C' to denote pump rotation.  The power piston side is located on side marked 'C' for clockwise rotation. bq. If necessary, install reed valve (73) in plug (67) using two screws (72). br. Install seal (74) and seal (75) on plug (67). bs. Install gasket (70) and piston ring (69) on advance piston (68). bt. Install advance piston (68) in plug (67). bu. Install piston and plug in side of housing on side marked "C". bv. Align advance pin hole in advance piston with unthreaded hole in cam ring.  Install advance pin (71). bw. Install seal (57) on advance screw hole plug (56).  Install plug. bx. If necessary, install new performed packings (62 and 63), screw (64), seal (65), and nut (66) in plug (58). by. Insert advance adjustment screw guide (61) in plug (58) with step facing spring. bz. Insert springs (60 and 59) in plug (58).  Install plug (58) with inserted components into housing. ca. Tighten advance piston hole plugs (67 and 58) 18 to 22 ft-lbs (24.4 to 29.8 Nm). cb. Install plug (56) and tighten 40 to 60 in-lbs (4.5 to 6.8 Nm). cc. Invert pump and fixture in vise. cd. Hold throttle lever (19) in wide open position and rotate drive shaft clockwise until a slight click is heard as toes of governor arm (44) engage slots in thrust sleeve (19, FIGURE 3-73). 3-119


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