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ARMY TM 92815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5 3-14.3.  Installation. a. Remove all covers. NOTE When using gaskets with one steel-backed side, the non steel-backed side must face towards the cylinder head. b. Using six new gaskets (5, FIGURE 3-44) position exhaust manifold (4) on cylinder head.  Coat all twelve capscrews (1 and 3) with antiseize compound (CP-8) and install with washers (2) in locations as noted during removal.  Tighten capscrews to 35 ft-lbs (47 Nm). c. Install turbocharger, refer to paragraph 3-13.4. 3-15.  INTAKF MANIFOLD. 3-15.1.  Removal. a. Loosen two clamps (1, FIGURE 3-45) securing hose (2) to turbocharger and air inlet elbow (5).  Remove clamps and hose. b. Disconnect cold weather starting aid. c. Remove two capscrews (3) and lockwashers (4) securing air inlet elbow (5) to cylinder head.  Remove elbow and gasket (6); discard lockwashers (4) and gasket (6). d. Cover all openings. 3-15.2.  Inspection. a. Intake manifold hose and capscrew connections should be inspected periodically for tightness and kept tight. b. Inspect intake manifold for serviceability.  Replace, if it is cracked or otherwise damaged. Warning Compressed air used for cleaning can create airborne particles that may enter the eyes. Pressure will not exceed 30 psig (207 kPa).  Eye protection required. c. Inspect machined mating surfaces of cylinder head and intake manifold.  Clean as required, using a scraper and/or wire brush and compressed air. 3-15.3.  Installation. a. Remove all covers. b. Position new gasket (6, FIGURE 3-45) and air intake elbow (5) on cylinder head and secure with two capscrews (3) and new lockwashers (4).  Tighten capscrews to 35 ft-lbs (47 Nm). c. Ensure hose (2) is in good condition and install it between turbocharger and air intake elbow (5) and secure with two clamps (1). CAUTION All intake manifold connections at the turbocharger and engine cylinder head must be tight to prevent loss of power resulting from lower manifold pressure. d. If applicable, connect cold weather starting aid. 3-59


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