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ARMY   TM   9-2815-256-24P AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-4 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24P/3 3. Explanation    of    Columns    (Sections    II    and    III).    -    (Continued) X A -   Do   not   requisition   an   "XA''-coded   item. Order   its   next   higher assembly. (Also, refer   to   the   NOTE   below.) XB  -    If   an   "XB"   item   is   not   available   from   salvage,   order   it   using the   FSCM   and   part   number   given. xc  -    Installation    drawing,    diagram,    instruction    sheet,    field service    drawing, that    is    identified    by    manufacturer's part    number. XD  -    Item   is   not   stocked. Order   an   "XD" -coded    item    through normal    supply    channels    using    the    FSCM    and    part    number    given, if   no   NSN   is   available. NOTE: Cannibalization    or    controlled    exchange,    when    authorized,    may be    used    as    a    source    of    supply    for    items    with    the    above    source codes,    except   for   those   source   coded   "XA"   or   those   aircraft   support items    restricted    by    requirements    of    AR    700-42. (2) Maintenance    Code. Maintenance    codes    tell    you    the level(s)   of   maintenance   authorized   to   USE   and   REPAIR   support   items. The   maintenance   codes   are   entered   in   the   3rd   and   4th   positions   of the   SMR   Code   as   follows: (a)    The maintenance code entered    in the 3rd position    tells    you the    lowest    maintenance    level    authorized    to remove, replace, and   use   an   item. The    maintenance    code    entered    in the    3rd    position    will indicate authorization    to    one    of    the following    levels    of    maintenance. Code C Application/Explanation -Crew    or    operator    maintenance    done    within organization    or    aviation    unit    maintenance. O -Organizational    or    aviation    unit    category    can remove, replace, and   use   the   item. F -Direct    support    or    aviation    intermediate    level can   remove,   replace,   and   use   the   item. H -General    support    level    can    remove,    replace, and   use   the   item. L -Specialized    repair    activity    can    remove, replace, and   use   the   item. 4


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