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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24P AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-4 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24P/3 3. Explanation    of    Columns    (Sections    II    and    III).    -    (Continued) (3) Recoverability Code. Recoverability    codes    are assigned    to i t e m s  t o indicate the disposition a c t i o n  o n unserviceable    items. The   recoverability   code   is   entered   in   the   5th position   of   the   SMR   Code   as   follows: Recoverability Codes Application/Explanation -Nonrepairable    item. When     unserviceable, condemn   and   dispose   of   the   item   at   the   level of   maintenance   shown   in   3rd   position   of   SMR Code. -Repairable     item. When    uneconomically repairable, condemn   and   dispose   of   the   item at    organizational    or    aviation    unit    level. -Repairable     item. When    uneconomically repairable, condemn    and    dispose    of    the    item at    the    direct    support    or    aviation intermediate    level. -Repairable     item. When    uneconomically repairable, condemn    and    dispose    of    the    item at    the    general    support    level. -Repairable    item. When    beyond    lower    level repair    capability,    return    to    depot. Condemnation    and    disposal    of    item    not authorized    below    depot    level. -Repairable    item. Condemnation    and    disposal not    authorized    below    specialized    repair activity     (SRA). -Item    requires    special    handling    or    con- demnation    procedures    because    of    specific reasons    (e.g., precious    metal    content, high    dollar    value,    critical    material,    or hazardous     material). Refer    to    appropriate manuals/directives    for    specific    instructions. 6


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