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ARMY TM 9-2815-257-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-128-2 MARINE CORPS TM 10155A/2815-24/3 APPENDIX I WARRANTY INFORMATION Section I.  INTRODUCTION I-1.  Scope. a.    This  appendix  provides  information  on  manufacturer’s  warranties  for  engine  assembly  components.   The warranty period begins on the date of end item shipment to the government, as defined by the warranty date on the end item data plate, unless otherwise noted in Table I-1. b.    Warranty  service  may  be  obtained  with  two  methods.    1)  Warranty  service  can  be  obtained  by contacting the actual warranted component manufacturer listed in column 1.  Each manufacturer will provide instructions on filing a claim.  2) Fill out a warranty claim per DA PAM 738-750.  The preferred warranty claim form  is  the  SF368,  Product  Quality  Deficiency  Report.    The  DA  Form  2407,  Maintenance  Request,  is  also acceptable. c.    Troubleshooting   should   be   performed   to   the   level   of   warranted   component,   but   no   further.   Troubleshooting to the failed part inside warranted components may invalidate the warranty. d.    If you have difficulty with or questions about the warranty process, contact your local CECOM LAR or the CECOM Generator Branch, DSN 992-1313, (732) 532-1313. Section II.  WARRANTY INFORMATION Table I-1.  Manufacturer’s Warranties (1) Manufacturer (2) Component Under Warranty (3) Warranty Period Yanmar Diesel America Corp Mack Boring and Parts Company 2365 Route 22 West Union, NJ  07083 Phone:    908-964-0700 Fax: 908-964-8475 E-mail: CAGE:   S4163 Diesel Engine Assembly Model L70AE-DEGFR NSN 2815-01-465-5993 1 Year I-1


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