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ARMY TM 9-2815-257-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-128-2 MARINE CORPS TM 10155A/2815-24/3 1-4 1-5.  DESTRUCTION OF MATERIEL TO PREVENT ENEMY USE. For destruction of Army materiel to prevent enemy use, refer to TM 750-244-3.  Air Force personnel will refer to Service Directive to obtain procedure for destruction of materiel to prevent enemy use.  Marine Corps personnel  will  destroy  by  weapons  fire,  smashing,  disassembling,  burning,  or  any  other  means  to  render  the equipment useless to the enemy. 1-6.  REPORTING EQUIPMENT IMPROVEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS (EIR’s). a.    Army.  If your engine assembly needs improvement, let us know.  Send us an EIR.  You are the only one who can tell us what you do not like about your equipment.  Put it on a SF 368 (Product Quality Deficiency Report).    Mail  it  to:  Commander,  US  Army  Communications  and  Electronics  Command  (CECOM),  ATTN: AMSEL-LC-LEO-D-CS-CFO, Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703-5000.  We will send you a reply. b.    Air Force.  Air Force personnel are encouraged to submit EIR’s in accordance with AFR 900-4. c.    Marine  Corps.    QDR  shall  be  reported  on  SF  368  in  accordance  with  MCO  P4855.10,  Product Quality  Deficiency  Report  Manual.    Submit  to:    Commander,  Marine  Corps  Logistics  Base,  Life  Cycle Management Center, ATTN Product Support Section 822, 814 Radford Blvd., Suite 20320, Albany, Georgia 31704-0320, or email to mbmatcompqdrs @ 1-7.  WARRANTY INFORMATION. Refer to Appendix I for information on engine manufacturer’s component warranties and conditions. 1-8.   NOMENCLATURE CROSS-REFERENCE LIST. Shortened  nomenclature  is  used  in  this  manual  to  make  procedures  easier  for  you  to  read.    A  cross- reference between the shortened nomenclature and the official nomenclature is shown in Table 1-1. Table 1-1.  Nomenclature Cross-Reference Common Name Official Nomenclature      Engine Diesel Engine Assembly, Model L70AE-DEGFR 1-9.   LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS. All abbreviations used in this manual are found in MIL-STD-12. 1-10.  ADMINISTRATIVE STORAGE. Administrative   storage   or   equipment   issued   to   and   used   by   Army   activities   will   have   Preventive Maintenance  Checks  and  Services  (PMCS)  performed  before  storing.    When  removing  the  equipment  from administrative storage, the PMCS checks should be performed to assure operational readiness.


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